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About Us

MYKA Signage is a Design and Visual Communications firm. As a leader in innovations in signage, we create custom design solutions for Architectural Signage, Way Finding, Interior and Exterior Signage, Directional Signage, Architectural Signage, Custom Specialty Displays and Decorative Fabrications in ground-breaking contemporary ways.

The industries MYKA is involved in include the following:
Oil and Gas (e.g. Fuel Filling Stations)
Healthcare (e.g. Hospitals)
Educational (e.g., University Campuses)
Banking and Finance (e.g. Banks)
Stadia and Arenas
Hospitality (e.g. Hotels)
Corporate (e.g. Offices)
Recreational (e.g. Theaters and Cinemas)

Our Capabilities

MYKA Signage is a Design and Visual Communications firm. As a leader in innovations in signage, we create custom design solutions for Architectural Signage, Way Finding, Interior and Exterior Signage, Directional Signage, Architectural Signage, Custom Specialty Displays and Decorative Fabrications in ground-breaking contemporary ways.

Our team creates full colour computer based design proposals that consider visibility, effectiveness, corporate image and durability to ensure your information is presented to its maximum effect.

We are fully equipped to produce and provide quality component parts and final construction for all signage applications – large and small, indoor and outdoor.

Our signs are built to last, with high quality materials and finishes appropriate for the situation like welding, cutting, machining, electrical and engineering.

Planning, logistics and the right equipment and fixings for the task: final installation is where the finished result all comes together. 

We consider access, engineering requirements, occupational health and safety, traffic and permit approval. Our aims are to ensure minimum disruption to clients and passers-by, and a final result that is secure, durable and effective.

Whether you own a small retail business, a mid-sized manufacturing company or a multi-national corporation, we’ll develop a Superior Maintenance Program that will serve your needs. We’ll set up regularly scheduled visits to check on the condition of your signs, clean them, perform the necessary maintenance and/or repairs and provide you with a follow-up report. 

Our Superior Service Team is well-equipped with the best tools and equipment available. And, because we understand how important your signage is to your business, we offer 48 hour turnaround Maintenance Services.

Our Services

Business Signs

This is an important way to advertise and help direct the flow of traffic around the office and a building. Additionally, custom signs can be as large or small as you need, so MYKA Signage can create your outdoor signs as well. The right signs can make a big difference in the success of your company.

Reception Signs

These are often the first thing visitors see therefore they must give the right impression and be able to translate the values of the company in an instant. Often, in shared buildings or offices where there are regular visitors, a reception sign is required to inform visitors of vital information and where they need to go.

As far as outdoor signs, we can create a sign that attracts passers by and they are durable enough that they will stand the test of time. The number of options we have is nearly endless.

Corporate Signs

Establish a professional image and stand out from the competition with building signs from MYKA Signage®. We will incorporate your logo, colours and graphics into building signs that match your message and brand identity to the surrounding environment. High-visibility building signs make it easy for people to find you, and then find where they need to go on your property, both inside and out.

Dimensional Letters

Bring your company’s look to dazzling life. MYKA Signage® dimensional signs and graphics make the most of high-tech materials and innovative production processes to help you identify your property and extend your image. Whether you’re creating a simple sign on top of your headquarters or an intricate reception display, your message deserves to stand out.

Dimensional Logos

Make your brand stand out. With dimensional logos, your business name and logo are out in front, making a striking first impression—one that gets reinforced every time a customer sees it.

Corporate Directories

Inform and educate building visitors by installing easy-to-read directories. Available from MYKA Signage® in a variety of standard and custom configurations and a range of materials, building directories provide the information your visitors need and complement your site’s architecture. Do you need to make changes frequently to your directory signs? Select a directory style that can be changed easily as tenants come and go. MYKA Signage® can help you find the right directory sign to fit your needs.

Monument Signs

Use monument and architectural signs to identify your property, increase your exposure and reinforce your image with passers-by. Perfect attention-getters for office buildings, churches, Monument signs from MYKA Signage® can be custom-built to meet your brand image and site specifications. They’re a great way to get noticed, increase traffic, drive inquiries and stand out from your competitors.

Name Plates

Identify offices, restrooms, waiting areas, conference rooms and more using custom name plates from MYKA Signage®. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and materials, our high-quality name plates can be engraved to create a professional image. Whether you want an executive name plate, desk sign or room locator, our name plates will let people know where to find destinations in your building.

Directional Signs

These help people find what they’re looking for with creatively designed and well-placed way-finding signs.


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